The Emperor’s Edge: A Book Review

Hello folks! How are you? Can you believe the year is almost over? I can’t. But anywho, let’s get to the books!

So, in an attempt to try and read 150 books this year, I have been reading a lot of series (even if I don’t complete the series, it is easier to get into a new book if you already feel you are going to enjoy it). One such series is called “The Emperor’s Edge” based off the first book with the same title. This novel by Lindsay Buroker is meant to be a fantastical steampunk novel. With just that, you can probably see why it made me curious. Usually those two things don’t go together. When we here high fantasy we think The Hobbit  and Avatar not steampunk. At least I don’t. Who knows? I may be the odd one out in this situation.

Amaranthe Lokdon is an enforcer, and one of the best even though she’s a woman. At least that is what everyone else says. Women aren’t supposed to be enforcers. And Amaranthe gets that in the past it wasn’t possible but now that it is, why can’t they accept her? When she is passed by for a promotion she is disappointed and shocked to get called into the office of one of the most important men in the empire for a special mission: kill Sicarius, the g