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Nevertheless: A Mental Health Bible Study


I am not a deaconess or a pastor or a praise team leader. I have never spoken to thousands or performed on large stages. But you know what? That doesn’t mean I am not a follower of Christ. It doesn’t mean I am less saved or less holy than those who do. The Bible says that everyone has their own place in the body (1 Corinthians 12:20-30). And we are all indispensable. I am someone who is learning to trust God with what He has me over instead of yearning to do something else. If I get to be the nail on the pinky toe, at least I am a part of His body! I am someone who wants to share God’s love and His unyielding faithfulness and commitment. This is why I created this study and why I want to share it with the world.

Nevertheless is a Bible-based study meant to help offer encouragement to anyone and everyone who has ever felt alone, anxious, depressed, unloved or unheard. This study really grew out of my own desire to remember how loved I am. We live in a sad and fallen world, and that means that we deal with a lot of stress, regret and sometimes the world seems to be on our shoulders. God gives us all gifts and He chose to bless me with the gift of words which is why I became a freelance writer and editor. Now, I have decided to use this gift for His glory and share what He has taught me through my own struggles. 

  • The funds raised will go strictly toward printing and donating copies to those in need! And if enough funds are raised, they will go to translation (which includes editing) services as currently, this Bible study is only available in US English.

  • The Bible Study itself is completely finished.

  •  Nevertheless is available in both e-book and print wherever books are sold and you can purchase them from me directly by clicking this link.


 Contents By Week

Week One: I'm Not Good Enough Nevertheless God Enables Me

  • Day 1: The Truth About Comparison 

  • Day 2: Feeling Inadequate 

  • Day 3: We Are Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be 

  • Day 4: Perfection Isn’t Reality

  • Day 5: God Can Use You In The Midst Of Your Mess 

  • Day 6: God’s Standard Isn’t Man’s Standard 

  • Day 7: Let’s Make It A Reality! 


Week Two: I Feel Alone Nevertheless God Never Leaves Me Behind

  • Day 1: Why Do We Feel Lonely? 

  • Day 2: Misunderstandings 

  • Day 3: Feeling Misunderstood By God

  • Day 4: When Your Friends Don’t Get It

  • Day 5: When It Feels Like God Isn’t There

  • Day 6: He Understands Our Loneliness

  • Day 7: Learning the Truth About Who You Are


Week Three: I Feel Anxious Nevertheless I Have The Peace of God

  • Day 1: What Is Worry?

  • Day 2: Why We Should Be Anxious For Nothing

  • Day 3: The Difference Between Care And Worry

  • Day 4: Worry And Coping

  • Day 5: Anxiety Over The Future

  • Day 6: Anxiety Over The Past

  • Day 7: Let’s Be Real. How Do We Combat Anxiety?


Week Four: I Am Exhausted Nevertheless I Can Stand Firm

  • Day 1: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

  • Day 2: Dealing With People

  • Day 3: When Exhaustion Turns Sour

  • Day 4: Loss And Self-Worth

  • Day 5: It’s Not Just You

  • Day 6: Desperation

  • Day 7: You Can Keep Going


Don't forget to share this project with others who may be interested in it! And thank you so much for your support!

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