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Upgrade: A Book Review

Upgrade is a science fiction novel by Blake Crouch that features a would-be scientist turned government agent named Logan Ramsey. Logan works in a relatively new department of the government, cracking down on criminals who mess with DNA and gene sequencing, a technology only made possible because of his mother. But when Logan is caught up in an explosion during a raid, he realizes that he's been infected. Infected with what? He can't be sure, but he's changing and if anyone finds out, he may become subject to the same torment he put others through.

Cover of Upgrade by Blake Crouch

Stars: 4.5/5

If you follow me on social media, you may have already heard me sing a few praises of Blake Crouch and his latest book. Upgrade is really wonderful and that is coming from someone who doesn't read much science fiction, at least not hard science fiction, which is what he writes. And to clarify, I mean that Crouch goes into scientific details, uses scientific names and explanations and the whole nine. He doesn't breeze past anything. If it is going to be found within the pages of his books, you're going to get, at bare minimum, a topical understanding. Most of the time, I would find it tedious or even harrowing. All those facts for someone who didn't enjoy science classes (especially biology and physics which are always present in Crouch's work) can be a bit daunting. But I don't mind at all!

Furthermore, I love the characters in Crouch's work. They are very similar in that most are science-minded, slightly lonely, etc. And that is for his whole body of work, but there is something that makes you want to see them succeed. Logan, the protagonist of Upgrade is well-thought out and as we see him change due to the virus manipulating his DNA, we are on a rollercoaster of emotion, even as he is slowly losing his. Not only is the premise of this book great, but Crouch did a wonderful job with pacing and tension. Logan has to face off against those he once held dear and he goes from feeling like he'll never measure up to easily being among the smartest on the planet, a planet that will die if things don't change. The build up is great and Crouch, as always gives us the pay off we desire even on the last page.

And if you're wondering why I didn't give it 5 stars, that is because I am stingy! Haha!

Happy reading!

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