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My name is Chyina Powell, editor, blogger and author.

As an author, I seek to blur the lines between genres and interrogate identity. I write in all forms and genres and enjoy watching writers grow into their own styles and voices.


As a reader, I choose books that are relatable as well as those that make me think and reevaluate my paradigms. I enjoy reviewing such books as well as books that challenge me, make me laugh and books that are just cozy.


As a freelance editor, I seek to make your work come alive in visceral and unique ways. I offer a wide variety of editing services from proofreading to sensitivity reading and copy editing. I work with everyone from first time authors, to business owners and even large companies.​ I have had the privilege of working with such companies as National Novel Writing Month, Red Line Editorial and Westchester Educational Services.

Find my credentials here.

C. Powell

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