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I Bought 3 Books Based Strictly on Their Cover…

First of all, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. And if you’re a regular, I’ve missed you.

So, this weekend, I decided to do something unexpected. And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know. I wanted three cover buys (something I’ve never done before). This meant, no reading the blurb, just looking at the cover and making a decision but I did give myself some generic parameters. I wanted one mystery, one fantasy and one toss up. Below, you’ll find a book blurb and which genre I picked it up for (even if it isn’t exactly that genre).

…And This Is The Aftermath

Book One: The Quick by Lauren Owen

Genre I Picked It For: Mystery

More Likely Genre: Gothic Mystery

About: The blurb on the back is really short but I’ll tell you what I know, The Quick begins when a young man from the countryside goes missing in London. The year is 1892 and his sister, Charlotte is determined to find him. She leaves home and discovers the city is far different than what she thought. On her search Charlotte realizes the world holds creatures she could never have imagined and somehow, her brother is mixed into all of this. Did she even know him at all?

Image result for the quick

Book Two: Akata Warrior by Nnedi Okorafor

Genre I Picked It For: Fantasy

More Likely Genre: Coming-of-Age Fantasy

Note: *Sadly, this book is a sequel, so I’ll have to pick up the first before I can read it*

About: A secret society for those with magical abilities and Sunny, an American-born Nigerian with albinism is just getting used to her life there. She’s already prevented one great tragedy but now is having visions of the end of the world. How will this young girl confront her destiny when all she wants is to have a normal youth…but normal went out the door when she first discovered her spirit face. Now, she has to travel in and out of an invisible world in order to save humanity.

Image result for akata warrior

Book Three: The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Genre I Picked It For: Toss Up

More Likely Genre: Folkloric Fantasy (think in the realm of Neil Gaiman)

About: A young boy, David, grieves the loss of his mother and seeks comfort from the shelves of books at his disposal. He reads and reads and soon, he begins to hear whispers. The books talk to him and he responds, using them as his refuge, this twelve-year-old is suddenly forced into a strange world. The world, filled with heroes and monsters, is somehow similar to his own. And the king of this world records all his secrets in one tome, The Book of Lost Things. Will David get to know what’s inside? His fantasy has become more real than reality, or are they one and the same?

Image result for the book of lost things

Are you familiar with any of these books or authors? I’m pretty excited to read them actually even though I’m not sure how I’ll like them. I’d be honored if you would follow and share this blog! Be sure to check me out on Instagram and Goodreads as well!

Happy Reading,


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