What’s More Important? Setting goals or achieving them?

Hello everyone! This is a question that has been on my mind for quite some time so I decided to share my findings with you. If you disagree, that’s fine. Let me know why in the comments, I’m a pretty open-minded person and you may see something that I don’t. I do try to respond to every comment so I’ll be on the look out. And if you agree with what I have to say, then like and share with someone else.

Likewise, let’s say you are a writer with a finished manuscript and your goal is to find an agent and get in talks with a publishing company within the year. That is an amazing goal to have and it takes a lot of work. Researching agents who have worked with stories similar to yours, querying them and waiting for a response, dealing with rejections and starting from scratch,  looking into publishing companies who have the same values as you do and won’t take advantage of you, etc. Before you as the author can cross the finish line you have to jump hurdles and those hurdles and heartaches are what make the win worthwhile. You can celebrate all the more because the journey you took to get there was long, most likely stressful and time-consuming. It was a hard road but you did it! The win is great too!

Every day you see emails, ads and social media posts about someone achieving their goals or pointers on how to achieve your goals so that you can be successful or which or whatever it is that you want to be. Just look back and you’ll realize you probably saw a couple earlier today. And there is nothing wrong with having goals. Goals are just dreams with a timeline and everyone is capable of achieving their goals with patience, work and sometimes a little luck. But what is more important? Actually achieving the goal or creating it in the first place?

Steps That Go Into Achieving A Goal:

  1. Thinking of what you enjoy or what you need to get done

  2. Deciding if what has to be done is worth your time

  3. Making connections

  4. Setting a timeline

  5. Managing your time

  6. Spending money

  7. And so much more depending on what your goal is…

Payoff of Achieving Your Goal:

  1. You feel accomplished

  2. You now know what it takes to make your dreams happen

  3. You may be more successful, wealthy, popular, etc.

I know that this may sound strange to some people but I believe that setting the goal is more important than accomplishing it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a goal if you don’t take the steps to achieve it but the payoff is not as powerful as the process. In the middle of the struggle you learn how strong and patient you have become, you gain knowledge and wisdom with which you can accomplish more and help others with their goals later down the line, most likely you’ve either strengthened relationships or loosed the dead weight of those who didn’t want to see you grow, perhaps you discovered something about yourself along the way. Going through the process helps you to become a better person (hopefully) and it is the process that makes the success possible in the first place. It is the process that makes you appreciate how far you have come and where you are now. We all know how people are when everything is just handed to them, they don’t understand the importance of the win because they played no part in the game.

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Happy writing!


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