Soundtracks of Life 2

As promised, here is the second list of some of my favorite musicals. I love music and so one of most important parts of any theatrical production, to me, is that the soundtrack means something. Even if it is just a play, the music helps set the scene. It acts as a character and moves the plot along. That was just a disclaimer, in case you are wondering why I have songs in three of the four musicals listed.

Guys & Dolls

  1. Who doesn’t like a show about a guy with gambling problems? Add in the fact that he has been engaged to a woman for 14 years and you are bound to get a good story.

  2. The music tends to be fun and although the musical has serious undertones, the productions I have seen are quite whimsical.

  3. “Sue Me” is one of catchiest songs in the musical. It is so relevant to today even though the musical is 68 years old, debuting in 1950.