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Soundtracks of Life 2

As promised, here is the second list of some of my favorite musicals. I love music and so one of most important parts of any theatrical production, to me, is that the soundtrack means something. Even if it is just a play, the music helps set the scene. It acts as a character and moves the plot along. That was just a disclaimer, in case you are wondering why I have songs in three of the four musicals listed.

Guys & Dolls

  1. Who doesn’t like a show about a guy with gambling problems? Add in the fact that he has been engaged to a woman for 14 years and you are bound to get a good story.

  2. The music tends to be fun and although the musical has serious undertones, the productions I have seen are quite whimsical.

  3. “Sue Me” is one of catchiest songs in the musical. It is so relevant to today even though the musical is 68 years old, debuting in 1950.

Smokey Joe’s Cafe

  1. The narration style of Smokey Joe’s Cafe is wonderful and I love the setting.

  2. Some of the songs just remind me of how I grew up and what I would see walking down the street with my great-grandmother.

  3. The barbershop quartet style in some of the songs.

  4. The song “Don Juan” is hilarious.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  1. Although it never appeared on Broadway, the musical version of the Disney classic is astounding.

  2. The song “Made of Stone” truly shows Quasimodo’s pain and heartache, reminiscent of the book.

  3. Unlike the Disney movie, we see a bit more of the Romani people which carries the mood along.

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

  1. As someone with a business degree, I appreciate the humor of this musical and how it pokes fun of working your way up the food chain. From mail room to executive. How often does that happen?

  2. The choreography is beautiful.

  3. The fact that the protagonist lives his life based off of the rules he finds within a book is just an interesting topic.

Sweeney Todd

  1. “Swing your razor wide, Sweeney! Hold it to the sky!”

  2. Although, if you have never seen this on the stage and may not know, the musical is quite funny. Mrs. Lovett is a ditzy woman in love and just some of her actions can send an audience into fits of laughter.

  3. The songs in this musical are so amazing and the soundtrack is amazing. Each song just blends in with the rest.

How do you feel about the musicals I’ve mentioned?

If you haven’t heard some of the songs I mentioned, please hit up YouTube. Most can be found there. And if you are wondering about the reference for Sweeney Todd, it is simply the prelude to the musical. I do not believe it appears in the film but I may be wrong about that.

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