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Looking For A Good Read?

Try Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny. It’s pretty short, only 319 pages, haha. If you want to know more, take a look at this review, written by yours truly. Where did that phrase even come from? Out of 5 stars, this book is definitely a 4.5.

STANDARD DEVIATION reviewed by Chyina Powell

We are all one mistake away from being deviant. One tear away from depression, one date away from promiscuity, one annoying house guest away from insanity. Heiny’s novel tells the story a family who are just one standard deviation from normalcy. The plot of Standard Deviation focuses on a man named Graham, who is simply living his life, and how he tries to relate to those around him. Graham is a businessman trying to make his second marriage work. His first marriage failed due to his infidelity and he ends up marrying his “miniskirt girl”, a young, talkative, and vivacious woman named Audra who is the exact opposite of the calm, organized, and scholarly Elspeth, his first wife. At first, the change was exciting and fun but as the years have gone by Graham realizes that he and his wife are separated by some indescribable barrier that he desperately wants to eliminate.

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