The Book of Lost Things: A Book Review

Thanks for being here! I am glad you came back for another review! This book was one I chose specifically for it’s cover. You can find more about why I did that by clicking here and reading my earlier post on cover buys! It has a truly gorgeous cover and after reading the description, I knew I’d be delighted by this novel.

The Book of Lost Things is a novel about 12 year-old David, whose mother has just died. While trying to come to terms with his death, David turns to his books and his father and when his father starts marrying his mother’s nurse only a few months after his mother’s death, he is only left with his books. The books, they begin to speak to him and as outrage and sadness grow in this young boy, they begin to speak louder until one day he follows the voices and ends up in another world. This world is one of monsters and seemingly ignoble knights and the Crooked Man, the same creature David saw in his room not too long ago. He goes into this unnamed world and once he realizes he can’t return, decides to press forward, seeking a king who should be able to help him. The only trouble is, will his father have even noticed he was gone?