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This may come off as a rant but it is not. It is just the musings of an exhausted young woman about to graduate from her program.

I have never liked graduations, not even my own. All the pomp and circumstance, people crying and screaming interchangeably. It really brings me down. And then when people notice that I am not emotional, I am the one who’s strange. Why would I get emotional over something like that? I worked hard for it, so of course I am graduating. People treat the ceremony as though it is an undeserved gift and a symbol of them maturing, I think that is completely ridiculous. Getting a piece of paper as you walk across a stage does not make you mature. Think about it, people were just as childish in undergrad as they were in high school. The same is true for graduate school. So, deal with it.

On another note, although I do not understand the rituals involved in graduation, I am proud to be done with my program. It was a lot of work, stress, long nights, email chains and eating on the run. I do not wish to attend the ceremony, they can simply mail me the degree. I want to wash my hands of the experience, as I tend to do with most things in my life that are only meant for a season. I can barely remember the names of people I went to high school with, or the people I went to undergrad with and that wasn’t even two years ago. That’s just how my brain processes certain things. The ephemeral stays just that.

Graduation, to me, is simply another stepping stone. A symbol. It shows the world that I can accomplish what I set in my mind to do. I do not have fond memories of either experience I have had thus far and feel like it would be a waste of time to go through it a third time.

If you have read my previous blog, one that I discontinued this January which can be seen here, then you have noticed how different this one feels. Don’t worry, I hope to include a lot of different content. And random musings will just be a part of it.

Signing off until next time,


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