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For The Love Of Paper: An Ode To Print Books

There has been a constant debate in the bookish community and it is time I throw my hat in. THROW! (Did you hear the fedora wooshing through the air?) Anyway, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, I prefer a tangible, paper product in my hand. Don’t get me wrong, e-books are okay too (whatever gets the written word out there) but there is nothing like having a book in your hands, it reading you as you read it. (That may sound creepy but I promise it isn’t, haha.)

The Benefits of Print Over Electronic:

  1. The Smell.

  2. The smell of old books, slightly musty and warm. The smell of new books, like ink and hope.

  3. The Feel.

  4. The textured page, the slight bends in the cover, the satisfying sound as you go from page to page, insert a bookmark, close the cover.

  5. The Weight.

  6. The way it feels in your hand as you walk, or the heavy weight in your bag reminding you that you have a new world at your fingertips.

  7. The Nostalgia.

  8. The books you once read, lines so easily quotable, the messages you remember….the takeaways that change as you change.

  9. The Ease of Showing Off.

  10. When you fall in love with a new book, how much easier is it to show another the glorious project, the way it feels as they turn it over to read the blurb on the back or dust jacket, as they note the map of the fantasy world splayed out on its first pages, the knowing that there is something truly there and that you are a part of it.

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Courtesy of Awkward Yeti

So do you prefer paperback or e-books? Let me know in the comments! And tell me why because I would love to hear from you. And if you prefer e-books, what is your preferred seller? Kindle? Kobo? I’m curious.

Don’t forget to drop me a question. You can reach me on my Instagram here if you would rather post there. Hopefully, I’ll have enough questions to make a pretty interesting post. And be sure to friend me on Goodreads so you can keep up to date on my latest reads!

Happy reading!

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