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Women of Color Writing Circle

I am always looking for new bookish adventures and so when I began talking with a woman by the name of Julene Allen, an idea began to form. Julene is the founder of Lean In: Women of Color, an organization dedicated to the equitable treatment of women of color, sharing stories and offering encouragement and guidance to women of color in a wide array of areas. We noticed that there was a lack in the publishing industry, that it took research to find books by women of color, they weren’t typically front and center in the bookstore. That being the case we began discussing how many women of color have stories that deserve to be heard and so we decided to act.

Our brainstorming creating the Women of Color Writing Circle. As you can imagine, it is a circle of women who write, whether they have never touched pen to paper or if they’ve published multiple works. Our mission is to offer support and encouragement to women who wish to write and make their way into the publishing industry regardless of what genre they are working in. The writing circle is open internationally, to any woman who may need encouragement, reminders of why they began and why the story they are writing needs to be heard. It’s also a safe space to share ideas and maybe even get a couple beta readers. Day jobs are unimportant. whether a woman is a doctor or full-time mother, they can join and share how their life experience has influenced their work.

So, if you are a woman of color or an ally who wants to learn more about the writing circle, please click here. And to check out our website, please follow this link. Share this link with anyone who may be interested and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my contact page or on any of my social media sites. You can even ask a question in the comments, if you choose to!

I am greatly thankful to all my followers and appreciate hearing from you so please leave a comment down below. And if you have yet to join my bookish family, please do so! Check me out on Goodreads and Instagram as well. And I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy writing!


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