When The Flowers Don’t Smell As Sweet: Book Review

Wild Flowers by Michelle S. Smith is a book of poetry that is very different from what I am used to. Honestly, in my adult life, I have been drawn to more lyric poetry such as Let Me Be Lonely  by Claudia Rankine. Michelle contacted me and asked me to give a review and so here I am, reviewing.

She asked me for an honest review and I will be as honest as I can be. One of the amazing things about poetry is that it is extremely free, not only when it comes to word choice and punctuation but also sentence length and formatting. Poetry can be anything, it is kind of an all-encompassing question mark. It is that gray area that we get to explore. But that is just how I feel about it. Let us get down to it. This is the first book of poetry I am reviewing so the format will be a bit different.

Wild Flowers is a piece that confronts grief