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What To Expect When Working With Powell Editorial

When you are a first-time author seeking out an editor, it may be hard to find one that is right for you. That is why I strive to be open and honest at the very start.

1. Free Marketing

Once your book is in production and you have a publication date as well as all other items needed for marketing (book cover, title, social media), I will personally advertise your book on my social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter).

I love having the opportunity to work with authors and due to my in depth knowledge of your book, I'll be able to promote it with ease. All I will need is a physical copy so that I can use my social media networks to reach hundreds of people and help build your author community and support base.

2. Personalized Service

I work on all projects myself. This means I never subcontract work. You never have to worry about being in contact with someone who is unfamiliar with your project or getting less than stellar and actionable feedback. You'll get me --and only me-- through the entirety of your project (emails, calls, editing, and every other service you book.

You will never have to worry because it will be just you and I. Powell Editorial is owned and operated solely by me which means I am entirely dedicated to your manuscript and your experience with me. My goal is to build collaboration and relationship with you so that you feel at ease when you place your manuscript in my hands. This is one of the reasons I created Powell Editorial, a personalized experience tailored to your needs and your goals. I find that so many people desire to write and publish but feel lost or confused by large organizations, yet there is no need to worry about that when you book a service with me. I am here with you every step of the way.

3. A Learning Process

Many of my clients are still new to writing. And some may be new to editing and publishing their manuscript. I offer tools to clients that help to hone their skills as a writer, as well as free classes that are only available to former clients. As an editor, it is my duty to edit your mistakes, but I also want to help you improve your writing skills for your next writing project. And the one after that. And the one after that.

My process is in-depth and personalized, where I offer tools and advice along with my comments and edits of your manuscript. So when I see an issue that frequently occurs, I will bring it to your attention and offer ways to avoid it in the future.

4. Free Insights and Advice

Not only can advice be found in my blogs and posted regularly on my Twitter, but I am always readily available through email or the chat function to assist with one-off questions about your manuscripts. And even if you're working on a new manuscript, you can send me examples and I am happy to help.

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