What I Love About Libby, The Library App

Thanks for stopping by! Today, I just wanted to talk about the pros and cons of Libby, an app created for book lovers who don’t always have the time to stop into their local bookstore. Now I don’t know about you but I love going to libraries. Libraries have both old and new and you can always find something to read. That’s one major thing libraries have over bookstores. Bookstores usually only carry newer or more popular books while you may be able to find a copy of some old title not too many people ever read at your local library. Additionally, libraries are less rushed than bookstores. You can take your time to peruse, no one walks up and asks you if you need help. You don’t feel obligated to buy something. It’s just you, the books and time. You can sit and read and go about your day. PLUS, THE BOOKS ARE FREE! (Unless you’re attending a library book sale, of course.)

What got me started using Libby? Well, I had heard about it and I don’t always have the funds to buy books. Plus, I love libraries and even though I didn’t have the time to stop by my local library, using this app counts for my local library which I thought was pretty cool. So, after signing up and connecting to my library card and local library, Libby was pretty user-friendly. You can even change the skin tone of the Libby avatar which I thought was great. The app shows you your loan his