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Thornhedge: A Review

You've probably heard many versions of Sleeping Beauty and retellings come out fairly often in the book world. But have you ever heard the story from the perspective of the fairy who cursed the beauty to sleep? Or why? Have you ever gotten to see decades turn into centuries through that fairy's eyes? Well, I hadn't. And I fairly enjoyed this retelling by T. Kingfisher.

Just so you know, I received a free advanced reader's copy from Tor, the publisher in exchange for a review. I hope that doesn't change how you view this review, but it is my duty to let you know. Also, the book won't be out until later this year, which is why there is no cover above as in my usual book reviews. The copy I have doesn't have the finalized cover!

Toadling is a human. Or at least she was...before a fairy snatched her and put a changeling in her place, as princess of the kingdom. Years go by in Faerie and Toadling is raised as a semi-fairy, never realizing that she was once-human until after she's been called away from her adoptive family. She has to go to the world of humans and ensure that the changeling does no harm. Fast forward over 200 years and a curious and apologetic knight is here to see the tower. He doesn't seem to care about saving the damsel within as much as satisfying his own curiosity, but his curiosity is enough to set Toadling on edge.

Her magic was never strong and him being here could undo it and unleash a terror on the world. The only trouble is, she's grown quite fond of the first human she's seen in years. What does this mean for her and the mission she's worked most of her life to accomplish?

I read this book in one setting and it was fairly easy to devour it.

Stars: 5/5

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