The Benefits of Workshopping

Any writers or poets out there?

No? Well, even if it is just me, this is my blog and so I will take full liberties in espousing the benefits of having other writers look at your work.

Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, screenplays or plays every writer has a cohort. Once you decide to call yourself an artist, you have joined the large family of writers out there and you can either make a statement or choose to be in the background. Either way, you will write and what you produce defines who you are as an artist. And along the same lines, never be afraid or ashamed to call yourself an artist, that is what you are.

As the creator, you know exactly what you want to have down on your page. You write or you type or you speak it into software and then you keep going. You may edit and agonize over it until you are ready to throw some precious family heirloom across the room just to hear it shatter. And while that is all well and good, sometimes you feel as though there is something missing, some piece that isn’t connecting the way you believe it should. That is when you pick up the phone