The Beauty in Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month. A 28 day celebration galvanized by Carter G. Woodson. Although it is the shortest month of the year, we started with a week. And even if it isn’t official, we can still celebrate Black History every month.

One thing that bothers me is that when it comes to school, you only really learn about six or seven Black historical figures and oftentimes, they may only get a few lines in the history book. Last year, I had a girl from Massachusetts ask me who Martin Luther King Jr. was. I mean, come on, America! But anyway, we hear about Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Harriet and Sojourner. Some may even know who Marcus Garvey is but there are so many unsung heroes, people whose actions made a large change in history that may never get acclaim for it. For instance, Marie Ban Brittan Brown. This woman created CCTV. She was the catalyst that inspired an advance in security and nobody has any clue who she was. And let’s not forget about the pacemaker, the only reason why some people are still alive. It was invented by a Black man named Otis Boykin. Why are they unheard of? Why are there no books about them? It’s frustrating.