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Recursion: A Book Review

Hello everyone! This is a little late but I got an ARC of Recursion by Blake Crouch and I hadn’t gotten around to it so please forgive my tardiness and enjoy this review!

Recursion honestly made me feel emotionally drained! But in that good way that any amazing book does. There was a lot going on, twists and turns and reveals and so forth. I guess I should tell you what the book is about first though, huh?

Helena is a scientist who is watching her mother disappear due to a very serious case of dementia. Her grief causes her to search for a way to map memories so that those with such diseases can remember their loved ones and who they are. Along the way, she creates something much more amazing. She creates a machine that takes one back in time to whatever memory they so choose. And get this, they can relive their life from that point on.

So where does divorced , disillusioned NYPD detective Barry come in? Well, he just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He witnesses a case that causes him to look further into why so many people are having what doctors call False Memory Syndrome. Soon he meets Helena, in one timeline or another and it is up to them to change history and rewrite the future. Why, because in a world where countries can rewrite history, no one is safe.

Overall Score: 5/5⭐

My favorite thing about this novel is that we as readers know what is going to happen to an extent yet the excitement and suspense is still there. We know what the characters don’t, we can see what’s going to happen, we know the dangers that are present but nothing can stop us from biting our nails and hoping that things will turn out okay. But will they? Or will the world end because of one scientist’s dream turned deadly?

Is Recursion on your TBR after reading this post? Or do you think you’ll pass on this one? Let me know down below in the comments. If you liked this post, I want to hear about it. And make sure to join my bookish family by following my blog, checking me out on Instagram and friending me on Goodreads! Any questions, comments or social criticisms? Leave them in the comments or contact me through my Contact page.

Happy reading!


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