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My Favorite March Read!

It’s the last Monday of March and that means it’s time that I share with you my favorite March read! I’ve read sixteen books this month and a lot of them were pretty good. Truth be told, there were some that I probably shouldn’t have wasted the time to read but March was a pretty good month for me and I am still looking forward to getting in a couple more books before April comes and brings (hopefully) good weather!

Curious to know everything I read? Don’t worry, here’s a list for you! Each with a “very” short description that will hopefully pique your curiosity.

1.) Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo

This has been on my TBR for a while and I finally decided to pick it up. “Shadow and Bone” is about a young woman who has never quite fit in finding herself forced into a palace. She has to relearn herself now that she’s discovered a new power within her and unbearable lessons.

She’s Grisha now and her power could change everything but having power means people are always after you. For Alina, it’s pretty clear she can’t trust the Grisha in the little palace, the snobs who talk about everyone behind their backs. But can she trust the Darkling?


2.) Family Magic by Patti Larsen

I have a longer review of this book here. But basically, this novel is about a teen who happens to be half-witch, half-demon who wants to be normal. That doesn’t seem to be in her future however because someone is attacking her coven and her family and she seems to be the only one powerful enough to do something about it.

3.) Malice by John Gwynne

Once again, I have a longer review that can be found hereMalice tells the story of a young boy as well as a few other men who have issues that drive them towards their goals, towards war and murder. There are giants and giant lizards as well as magic and misdeeds. What I loved about this novel was how impeccable the flow was from one narrator to the next.

4.) The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

I didn’t realize I did so many reviews in order but here you go! At the age of seven, Jude and her two sisters are forced away from home after seeing their parents murdered to live in the land of the Fae, which isn’t easy because as a human, Jude has to avoid the enchantments and bewitching food and music everyday, not to mention combat the cruelties of the nobility. Jude wants power, she wants someone to notice her and she will have it, no matter the cost.

5.) Mine For Tonight by J.S. Scott

Books five through eight on this list are all technically the same book, although I had to read it in installments. Not for length, that’s just how it was available. I’m not sure why so don’t ask. Anyway, the collective title of the four is The Billionaire’s Obsession and it wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped it would be. A self-made billionaire who is basically stalking a woman who works in his mom’s diner. There is so much that can go on there! Anyway, this novel (and the subsequent ones in this list) are all about a billionaire with some serious trust issues and a poor college student who don’t likes owing anyone failures, so when she finds out her roommate had been stealing her half of the rent and utilities then made off with all her clothes and family heirlooms one night after work, she isn’t happy about having to stay with some random guy who happened to be right behind her, but that’s just the beginning of the tale.

And for brevity’s sake, I’ll forego a rundown on the other installments.

6.) Mine For Now by J.S. Scott

7.) Mine Completely by J.S. Scott

8.) Mine Forever by J.S. Scott

9.) The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

This novel, about a grief-stricken couple looking for a new start in the cold land of Alaska is definitely a thrilling and sometimes devastatingly beautiful work. With the hints of magic, loss, understanding and an attempt to rebuild a world from its broken pieces, I was enthralled by how Eowyn Ivey told her tale.

Jack and Mabel are in their late forties, childless and alone on their homestead. Mabel’s grief causing her to wither away while Jack forces himself to do hard labor he is no longer suited for. At times, I thought Mabel crazy but, aren’t we all without someone to talk to? Both of them keep their emotions and secrets to themselves. Together but in proximity only. But one day, that begins to change.

10.) Enter The Witch by Andris Bear

Sometimes you just want a lighter read, especially after you just finished a long read-a-thon with a series that takes your emotions through the treacheries of Middle Earth….but I digress. Bear’s main character, Evangeline, is funny and altogether completely relatable from her bad luck to her quirky friend.

At the start, Evangeline has no idea that she is the heiress to a powerful coven and that someone is out to make sure she and her younger sisters don’t come into that power. But something is strange about her new town and a black cat keeps following her. And why are people so shocked when they hear her last name?


11.) Kissed By Fire by Kimber White

Let’s all hear it for dragons!

I have been on a shifter kick lately, probably because before that I was reading some very psychological books and you can only read so many of those before you begin to question your sanity. Anyway, this novel is about Xander and Shae. Xander, a dragon shifter is one of only six dragons left in the world, all murdered centuries ago. He and his brothers struggling to fight the madness that comes to dragons who don’t mate. But how can you find a mate when there are no dragons?

Shae just wants to try and make the best of life. A runaway taken in by an eccentric bookstore owner who happens to be a witch, she’s a human who knows about magic but never really concerned herself with it until dragons break into the store and destroy everything she ever knew. Now she’s being protected by a dragon that she can’t help being attracted to but she knows something is wrong….just not what.

12.) The Alpha Heist by Kate Rudolph

A thief. A leopard. A thief who happens to be able to shift into the form of a leopard. And the clan of lion shifters she plans to steal from…

Mel is a thief. She also happens to be a leopard shifter which means her speed and keen sense of nose often come in handy when she’s on the job. Luke, is the alpha of a lion shifter pack with a lot on his plate and when the one thing he needs for a very important summit is stolen, he isn’t happy.

13.) Shifter Mate Magic by Carol Van Natta

This was such a cute little read!

Being on the run is always going to be the beginning of a good book because it makes us as readers wonder what is happening, why and what will happen. Jackie, after being tricked, drugged, impregnated and sold on the shifter black market, has a lot to be afraid of. More than that, she has no reason, as a witch, to trust any other shifter. Ever. But when a bear shifter saves her from too drunk and rude coyotes, she decides to trust him.

Trevor is an outcast. While he comes from a family of bear shifters, he isn’t one of them. He is a species no one can claim to have seen and so he spends his life on his eighteen-wheeler, making his living hauling freight cross-country. But something draws him to help this human girl and then he cant get her out of her mind.

14.) Children of Avalon by S.E. Wright

Kyah is a janitor. And an orphan. She has never quite fit in but mystical? Magic doesn’t exist. At least that is what she thinks until she sees a fairy princess. Or until she finds out from Pan himself that it is her job to free King Arthur and defeat Morgana. More than that, for Kyah that is only step one of her journey to discovering who she really is. Abandoned by her parents and having to jump from foster home to foster home, she grew up thinking she was less than ordinary but now she’ll discover she’s anything but.

15.) The Final Formula by Becca Andre

Addie is a master alchemist, at least she thinks she is. Her memory was completely addled by the explosion of the Alchemica, the home of the alchemists. What she can remember, however, was that someone was there that day who shouldn’t have been. A master of the old magic. Now all the master alchemists are dead and Addie can’t even recall her real name, will she ever discover who she really is, what happened that day and why?

16.) Enchant by Demelza Carlton

Who here likes fairy tales? Who likes a good retelling? Well, then you’re in the right place. A young girl is summoned by the king to curse a mirror. She does thinking it will mean her family is safe but what the king didn’t mention was that he wouldn’t include her in that number. The king’s younger brother, cursed to look like the worst sides of himself and his people cursed to invisibility, who could have done such a thing? Now, as a powerful enchantress that is still on the run from a monstrous king Zuleika vows to help the prince who does not deserve his curse.

And so, the winner is…..

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey


What books did you absolutely love this month? Let me know in the comments. And be sure to ask me questions for my special Q&A April post!

If you don’t already, I’d greatly appreciate it if you followed this blog and shared it with another bookish person! And if you have any book recommendations, I’m all ears.

Happy reading!


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