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My 100th Blog Post: Why I Love Books

Happy 100th Post!

I wanted to do something special for my 100th blog post but was at a loss about what I should do. Should I talk about my favorite books? Tell you why I started this blog? Why I hope to spread the awesomeness of books worldwide? It took me quite a while to decide what to do but I finally settled on one idea. I am going to tell you why I love books and what they mean to me. So, sit down and get comfy because it’s about to get a bit personal.

In Books Even the Nonsensical Things Make Sense

A world where dragons rule and where humans are incapable of speaking where a human and dragon fall in love? Okay then. A little boy who somehow escaped the most villainous wizard in history even though he was right in front of him and he could’ve just thrown him from the window? We allow books to not make sense, even the nonfiction ones because what’s sensible to the author may be complete nonsense to us. And a lot of our enjoyment comes from accepting the nonsense as not only plausible but as reality.

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Books Offer Escape From The Real World

We’ve all heard about the impact of escapism but sometimes you need to get away in order to get a clear head, to think and revitalize your mind. It’s just like going on vacation. In fact, it’s the exact same thing! Every time I read a book, it is like going on a vacation. Sometimes life gets hard to navigate and I’m able to push that aside for a while and come back to a situation with fresh eyes. Even writers will tell you that sometimes you just need a break. For me, words on a page are the best break I can get.

Books Allow My Imagination to Roam Free

I have always had a wild imagination. Most of the time, it kicks in at inopportune moments like when someone is talking about something that doesn’t really interest me or when I’m at work. Anyway…..books make you think about what’s possible and as I said before, make the impossible feel possible. I mean, most of what was science fiction in years past is now just plain science.  In books you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone and dream. And no one imagines a character in the exact same way, which proves how powerful the imagination is. For me, I read because books make me think about things I would never cross my mind otherwise.

I’ve Learned Quite A Lot From These Paper Worlds

I have never met anyone who can say they never learned anything from a book. Whether it was a word or some profound life lesson, most people can say they learned from a book at least once. And anyone who claims to be a reader will probably say they learn from books all the time. I’ve learned empathy, to understand the viewpoints of those different from me; I’ve learned that not everyone will be on your team and that there are things that will never change without a lot of assistance; I’ve learned to cry and smile, to be present with the ones I care about and to remember that after I turn that final page, there is a real world that needs me to.

I have many more reasons as to why I can’t put books down. I’m quite addicted to them, you know. But that’s enough about me. What made you pick up that book you couldn’t put back down? What made you decide to become a reader? And have books ever gotten you in trouble? (I used to cross the street while reading, my parents were not amused when I was in elementary and middle school, lol.) Let me know down below! I love hearing from my fellow word nerds.

If you don’t already, please follow this blog to stay updated on what I’m reading and what’s going on in my bookish life. Feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads and follow me on Instagram as well, if you want to connect or even do a buddy read! Oh, and if you are a woman of color or an ally who is also a writer, click here to learn more about my Women of Color Writing Circle! (It’s an international group that supports and encourages women of color who write!

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