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Mid-Year Reading Challenge Update

This year, I determined to read 150 books which normally isn’t much of a challenge but I knew I would be a lot busier this year. With life trying to get in the way, I thought 150 was a good doable number. Boy, this has been more of a challenge than I anticipated. I started out wonderful, ahead of schedule by nine books at one point but where has the time gone? Out of my 150 books, I’ve only read 71! Less than half of the way there but so what? The books are getting read and I get to share my opinions with all of you lovely bookish people or as I like to call us, word nerds.

I am behind by two books which isn’t a lot but when the books on your TBR or 500-600 pages or more, you begin to feel like catching up is a pipe dream.  But I won’t let that discourage me and if you’re in the same boat, you shouldn’t either. You set a goal and you’re working to achieve it. That’s what matters.

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Of course, I am deeply grateful for this challenge. I have read a lot of works that I normally wouldn’t read and it has been a lot of fun and has inspired some of my own work as well. Reading in itself is never an issue for me, I love it! I mean, I live and breathe words but May and June have been slow months with me barely reading full-length books at all. And I am determined to cross books off of my TBR instead of just letting myself go crazy in the closest bookstore (which is a struggle, let me tell you!) I mean, there are just so many amazing books out there, I want to read them all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! If you are doing a 2019 reading challenge, how is it coming? Are you on your way to making your goal? Are you getting a little backed up like me? Or have you decided on another bookish challenge like finish a final draft of your own work? Let me know down below! If you aren’t a part of my bookish family but want to join, be sure to follow this blog and check me out on Instagram and Goodreads! All you have to do is type in my name! Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments or social criticisms, hit me up on my Contact Page!

For those women of color who write, click here to learn more about my international writing circle!

Keep reading!


P.S. Let me know what you’re reading down below! How do you like it? I love hearing from all of you and I want to know what books you think I should read next! To heck with the TBR!

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