It’s Okay to Not Like A Popular Book (or Author)

There have been times where I have had to argue why I dislike a book. And it was a draining and exceedingly frustrating experience. Any bookish person has probably had similar arguments  or arguments in which you had to defend a book that you loved. My question to the literary world is this: Why do you care whether I like a book or not? My book preferences have nothing at all to do with what you read. Therefore, I am here to comfort all those book lovers who’ve dealt with the same situation and say it is perfectly acceptable to go against the grain when it comes to your book choices and the authors you choose to either binge or avoid like the Black Death.

On Books..

Just because it’s in the canon doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact, I don’t like most of the books that make up the canon i.e. J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. I cannot express just how much I hate this novel. It was required reading for me in high