Is It Worth It? My First Book of the Month Box

So, I decided to try my very first Book of the Month Box this month (November 2018). Why? Well, because Thanksgiving! Plus, I was on their website and noticed they were having a pretty interesting bonus. Type in a code and get another book for free! Who doesn’t love free books? One of my close friends from undergrad used to say, “If it’s free, it’s for me.” That is exactly how I feel about bookish things so I had to take the plunge.

Now to the big question? Was it worth it? I think it is, especially if you are so busy that you don’t have time to head to your local bookstore but still crave the smell and feel of an old school paperback or hardcover in your hand. I didn’t have to wait that long but that might have been because I picked my books not too long before BOTM’s shipping date. Another big plus is that the books come shrink-wrapped, not just in paper like other subscription boxes. That was a true blessing for me because it had been raining all day and when I came home to see the blue box on the porch, I was scared my precious literature would be ruined. Thirdly, Book of The Month doesn’t automatically take any money from you which is something I greatly appreciate as som