Is It Okay To Stop Reading This Book I Hate?

Not every book we pick up will be enjoyable. There are just some books that we want to throw into the fire, never to be recalled again. And while that list may be different for all of us, we all have that list. Just as we all have a list of tomes we wish we had never read. Catcher in the Rye, I’m looking at you, you waste of my precious life-hours. Anywho, there’s always a question of when is it okay to stop reading a novel or book that you’ve already started. And what a good question it is.

While this most likely is true for any book that may have been required reading, what happens when you go into a library or buy one at the bookstore only to want to return it immediately after page 2? Hopefully you give it at least two sentences…Similarly, what happens when a friend recommends this book that they say is the best thing since The Hobbit but turns out to be *insert your least favorite book here*? Do you go to them and tell them they have horrible taste in the written word? Honestly, if it was one of my close friends I probably would but what happens next? Do you finish it because you know its their favorite novel even though every muscle inside you is screaming to rip it to shreds and paper mache a better book from the scrap