How Quickly She Disappears: A Book Review

Now, here is a disclaimer: this book will not be released until January of 2020 so if it sounds like something you’d love to read, don’t drop everything and head to your local indie bookstore. You WILL be disappointed.

Now, I received a copy of How Quickly She Disappears from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and I also really wanted to share with my bookish family how I liked or disliked the book.

How Quickly She Disappears is a novel by Raymond Fleischmann set in July 1941 in a small town in Alaska. Elisabeth and her husband John live there contentedly with their eleven-year old daughter Margaret. All of that changes when a man named Alfred flies into town looking for a place to get some rest. Elisabeth, also known as Else, offers her home and that’s perfectly fine…until Alfred kills her closest friend, an indigenous man named Mack. But that’s not where the story ends, no that’s just the beginning. In fact, the tale doesn’t truly begin until Alfred tells Else that he has information about her sister’s disappearance almost twenty years prior. He