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Happy New Year

As the new year starts I am reminded that I have a whole year ahead of me. A year that I have to truly become an adult. And, being the person I am, I set goals. Not resolutions, just simple goals. Find a job, buy a car, move, get closer to God. Simple things that need to happen this year. Before the end of 2017, I applied for over 30 positions. Sometimes, I applied to two or three jobs a day. I am working towards that. But, I digress. I wanted to share with you my New Year’s Experience.

I went to Las Vegas this year, with my family. I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to go, seeing as I don’t drink, smoke or gamble or like being in those types of spaces…but it was a family affair and so I went. We stayed in the Excalibur hotel and I was forced to use my inhaler, something I rarely do if I can help it. The haze burned my eyes. The haze of cigar and cigarette and even weed smoke. The haze of illusion that seemed to feel everyone’s eyes, that they could have a good time as they sat and lost hundreds of dollars within minutes. I tried to spend as much time away from casinos as possible which led me to something wonderful.

In Fremont, away from the strip and towards downtown Las Vegas is an area built entirely out of shipping containers. It was so interesting!! There were shops for all ages, a large playground in the middle and a stage. I had never seen something like it and am excited for the one they are building in Cleveland. One of my favorite parts about this Container City was that it was made up of small businesses. There was a chocolate shop where everything was homemade, a store that only sold black clothing, a wedding chapel (it is Vegas), pinup-style boutiques and even a store that sold art based on your favorite scary movies like Child’s Play.

There was a zip line and so much more. I can honestly say it was a lot of fun. The most fun I had on the entire trip. It was strange to spend my New Year’s this way though. For as long as I can remember we had always brought in the New Year the same way. We would go to the service on New Year’s Eve. After the countdown we would head to my grandparent’s houses and drink sparkling grape juice or champagne, we’d eat and then head home for sleep. When we woke we would eat again (food is a large part of everything my family does) watch a movie or two and go visiting. I guess I truly am an adult now, and that realization only came with the breaking of a tradition.

How strange.

What did you do to bring in 2018? What goals have you set for yourself?

Just for your enjoyment, here is a picture of me and my mom right before the countdown.

Mom and Me New Year's 2018
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