Dominicana: A Story of Sacrifice and Self

Dominicana is a novel by Angie Cruz that tells the story of Ana, a fifteen year-old married off to a man only a few years younger than her parents. And why? So that she can move to America and, with any luck, make tons of money, enough to send for her family. According to her mother marriage isn’t about love, it’s about financial stability and even though she doesn’t want this marriage, Ana accepts it. She can’t be the one to let her whole family down.

But when Ana arrives in New York with her new husband Juan, she realizes America isn’t as wonderful as she always believed it to be. With a new name, a new age and no language to speak, she has to stay at home and wait for Juan to come home just to have someone to talk to. As time goes by, Ana realizes that marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She despises her husband and his restrictions. More than that, she is beginning to fall in love…with her brother-in-law. But how can she act on it? She still has to bring her family up from the Dominican Republic.

Watching Ana cope and