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Book Cover Reveal!

A beautiful cover is always an inspiration and I have a beautiful cover to share with you!

Networking as a writer and editor is extremely important. Honestly, most opportunities in publishing come from knowing someone, regardless of how much experience you may have. And I meet the dynamic duo behind VanderMeer Creative a couple of years ago at a convention. Jeff’s writing is amazing and last year his book Annihilation hit the big screen. But it was Ann that I made a connection with. As an aspiring editor, it was a wonder to meet a woman who started her own editing company from the ground and now works on anthologies for multiple publishing houses. It was also wonderful to meet someone who loved hard copy as much as I do. So Ann and I began email communication and she willingly became a mentor to me, sharing with me a lot of the details of book production that can only come from someone with true experience.

And then one day, she asked if I would like to work on a project with her, an anthology of short stories that all could be categorized as classical fantasy. You can imagine what I said. It was a lot of fun, researching stories from all over the world, writing the author biographies and getting to see the eccentricities of the minds behind some really cool stories. Well, that anthology is what is now known to the world as The Big Book of Classic Fantasy. And while the book has yet to be released, I wanted you all to see the cover and know what was going on.


The stories in this anthology are from some amazing authors and quite a few are pretty hard to find in English, if you can find them at all. This post is just to share how honored I was, and still am, to be a part of such an awesome project!

Are you a fantasy lover? If so, what is your favorite fantasy? I’m super curious so feel free to leave a comment below. On another note, I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow this blog. It helps me out quite a lot. And check me out on Goodreads and Instagram to stay updated on all the crazy cool bookish things going on in my life. Or if you just want to know what I’m reading. And if you want to do a buddy read with me, I’m always happy to do so!

Happy reading!


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