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Are you a reader, writer or a crazy person who does both?

You’ve seen those ridiculous quizzes they have in teen magazines right? Well, this is definitely not that. This is just a quick little assessment, for your eyes only. Some people would rather read than write. And while you have to read in order to write, there are people out there in the great big universe that bleed ink. That’s perfectly okay!

And just to point out that this post isn’t to say that readers don’t write or writers don’t read.

Five Signs that Show You’re a Reader

  1. A Reader is someone that loves finishing a book and moving right on to the next one. A Reader may think about a book for a little while but once they close that back cover, they have truly moved on.

  2. Readers (and this a generalization, so don’t quote me) have the tendency to be okay with not reading all the time. They may read a book or two a month and that suits them just fine. They aren’t cutting out meals so that they can fit in a few more chapters. They have their own pace and aren’t rushed about taking their time.

  3. When readers discuss a book, they discuss the plot. They don’t go into critical theory. Readers may make comparisons between similar books or topics but they remain within the realm of the novel’s plot. (And remember, I say novel but I mean any piece of literature from poetry to screenplay.)

  4. Readers are fine with leaving their literary life in the comfort of their own home. No, they aren’t ashamed of their reading habits but they may not shout it from the rooftops as I am often wont to do. It’s just one of those things, you know? Now, if someone asks or if it comes up in conversation, a reader will talk about that great new read or that book that they wanted to shred, burn, send to the pits of Hades and then shred again. But, usually, these conversations happen after some prodding.

  5. Readers enjoy the read.

Five Signs that Show You’re a Writer

  1. Writers tend to mull over a book after the read it. The think about that last page, that last chapter for a while. And sometimes, when they do pick up that next book, they start making comparisons between the two.

  2. When Writers talk about a book, they discuss the plot, the author’s childhood, how the novel related to what they ate last Tuesday and what theory it reminded them of, even without trying to. The dots just seem to always connect.

  3. Writers always look for the next outlet to discuss something they’ve read recently. Whether that is social media or a family birthday party, writers like bringing books up in conversation, even if they have to force it a bit.

  4. Now, this is true for most of the writers I have come across, so I am allowing myself this generalization. Most writers think that there is never enough time for reading. They feel as though if they ever stop reading they are going to get so far behind on their TBR but also on their own writing, as reading strengthens one’s own narrative voice. Writers may not knock out a book every couple days but they always have a book in hand and ten on their waiting list.

  5. Writers live for the read.

What if You’re Both?

Do you see a little bit of yourself in everything you just read? If so, you’re just as crazy as I am! Welcome to the club.

One isn’t better than the other. It just means that some people prefer to write while others are perfectly happy with sitting down with a good piece of literature. So, if you realized you’re actually a writer and not a reader or vice versa, awesome. Now you have one more thing to tell your friends. Maybe you’ve spent a whole evening critiquing the allegory within a story and thrive from the discussion of themes, imagery and characterization. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a reader but realized you’re a bit of both or more of a writer, perhaps it’s time you write a critical essay. And if you’ve struggled to write but it isn’t something that fills you with conviction when you neglect it, maybe you lean more to the reader side of the spectrum and now you know. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. Guess what? The world needs both writers and readers because we learn from each other. Writers create the tale, readers react and those reactions inspire writers to improve as well as up-and-coming writers learning the craft.

When did you know you were a reader or a writer? Let me know down below in the comments. And if you’re published, shameless plugs are okay, too. Be sure to follow this blog and follow me on Instagram @Chyina_Powell!

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