Women of the Industry!

First, let us have some background music to set the mood…

From beginning to the end, there are people who go unnoticed when it comes to publication. Whether it is a trade book, literary journal, classroom text, chapbook, screenplay, novel or memoir, there are dozens of people who work to ensure that your project is the best it can be. Just recently, I was talking to someone about editing and she told me that she had no idea that there were people who go through books like that. She did not know there were developmental editors or people who type code. This woman just assumed that the book you submit is the same as the final product. Now, I do not wish to make her seem foolish because I have no idea what goes into growing cells, but a biologist does. Everyone has their own path and we don’t really try to understand the minutia of other professions for many reasons; it would take too long, we wouldn’t understand it, it doesn’t interest us. But after this conversation, I was a bit dumbfounded. There are so many jobs out there that go unnoticed by the general population, those on production teams and editorial teams, the assistants who go through and fact check an entire project. (I have done fact checking and depending on what you are looking at, it can take hours upon hours. It is a long process that many don’t realize has to be done, especially when it comes to pieces of fiction.)

So, in order to shed some light on the integral parts of the publication process, I just wanted to give a list of some (not all) of the people who help to make a project possible. (This is a list of various titles but some projects only use a portion of this list.)

  1. Literary Agents- Due to the fact that a lot of publishers do not accept unsolicited submissions, you need an agent to help you get through the door.<