Why Everyone Should Club It…Book Club It

As a writer, I obviously love books. I love the feel, the smell, the journey you take as you flip the page. Everything about a book can amaze if you let it and that is why I think book clubs are so great. Everyone has their own life, their own lens with which they see the world. Just imagine all of that experience tuned into one novel. How many thoughts and ideas could be created?

More importantly, think about how relatable novels can be. It doesn’t matter if it takes place in the Victorian era, space or if the main character is a zombie. All decent novels have some relatable aspect to them. Sometimes when I travel and cannot take a smorgasbord of books with me, I e-book it (but this is super rare). For some reason, I decided to look at a free novel on Kobo. It’s a nice site with a great selection. This book was an alien romance, oddly enough. I have no idea what made me read it when I’m comedy and thriller all the way, but I did. And after the first few pages I found out a long list of characteristics the main character had that I could relate to. For anyone interested the book is called