Third Daughter: A Book Review

I am going to be honest, this wasn’t a book that I was excited for at first. Why? Because usually books written about people of color by white people are full of generalizations, half-truths and no respect for their history, culture or worldviews. Feel free to argue this but any person of color will likely tell you the same. Anyway, that was the main reason I was hesitant to pick up Third Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn, the first of a trilogy.

Third Daughter tells the story of Aniri, who is the third daughter in line for the throne of the Queendom of Dharia, which means her royal responsibilities are pretty lax. She has no chance of being queen so she focuses more on fencing and climbing than she does politics and learning how to be a member of the court. And she shouldn’t have to, she’ll be eighteen in two weeks and that means freedom from her mother’s court, she can marry for love (hopefully to a young courtesan named Devesh) and she can search out the scum that killed her father all those years ago. She’ll have nothing to do with her mother or her court.

But one night, after Princess Aniri sneaks out to meet Devesh she discovers that a war may be brewing between Dharia and the barbarian kingdom to the north, Jungali. Not only that but the Prince of Jungali has asked for her hand in marriage. It’s happiness or peace between the two c