Book Hauls & Subscription Crates

Every avid reader has done it, whether at a flea market, an independent bookstore or one of the giant booksellers, book hauls are life. What is a book haul? It is when you go into a bookstore and end up spending your entire paycheck on books. Or, that is what it has been in my experience. Book hauls are fun and extremely therapeutic and I love doing it for various reasons.

And truth be told, my annual book budget is larger than my food budget. Why? Because sometimes devouring words is more important than actual sustenance. Don’t believe me? Once when I was around ten or eleven my mother bought my brother the first two Harry Potter books and she let me have the third one. Of course, I wasn’t going to start in the middle of a series so I took them from him and that Saturday I only left me room twice. To go to the bathroom. My family had eaten and everything by the time I had emerged, they didn’t even know I was home. But sometimes, binge reading just has to be done. Since then, I have done it more times than I can count. I would go to a library and get every book in a series and try to read it all before my own self-imposed five day deadline. It is one of the ways I relax, a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Well, back to book hauls. I truly just wanted to share my book haul experience with